10 Thought Catalog Pieces That I Personally Love And You Might Also Love Too

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1. Not Everybody Will Love You In A Way You Understand – Brianna Wiest

“We are not inherently whole once we’ve found another person to fit into us. Nobody can do that for us. We have to fill those spaces ourselves.”

2. Surviving The Last Two Years Without My Mom – Jessica Vestergaard

“All the people we know will eventually pass away, and one day we will too. It’s the only certainty in life that no one ever talks about. Your own mortality is a tough pill to swallow, but once you do, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for your own little life and the people in it.

If you have experienced great loss, chances are, you’re one of the lucky few who truly understand the value of life and love. You’ll spend more time with family and friends who matter most to you. You’ll walk through life holding each and every second with them close to your heart. You’ll make sure to say “I love you” at every chance you get. You’ll enjoy all the little moments, because you know that they are numbered. It’s a perspective that not everyone can grasp, but you will – and that’s a true gift.”


3. If It Was Right, It Would Have Stayed – Rania Naim

“If it was right, it would have stayed.

If it was right, you would have been loved.

If it was right, God would have moved both your hearts, not just yours.

If it was right, you would have had the biggest smile on your face instead of these tears in your eyes.

So maybe we just need to trust that what’s not meant for us will always pass us by no matter how hard we try to keep them and what’s meant for us will always find us — even in the middle of nowhere.”


4. This Is Me Pretending Not To Care – Kirsten Corley

“This is me pretending not to care because it hurts to look back at the good times we had together because it wasn’t all bad and you weren’t so horrible. I think back to every laugh and every memory I hold so close to my heart. All those times you did help me and make me better and make me happier. Every time we parted ways I meant it when I said I love you.”

“This is me pretending not to care because I wish I could hate you and you probably deserve it but I know deep in my heart I never actually will and I’ll always be grateful to have had you, even if you weren’t mine to keep.”


5. Each Time It Rains, It’s Like He Never Left – Natalia Vela

“I lived in the moment with him, always lost in a cloud of sandalwood and citrus. Always sinking deeper into his green sea. I knew I was falling when I no longer found comfort in knowing just how our story would end. I dreaded it. I didn’t want to turn the page. I didn’t know where he was leaving to or where he was going back to. Or who he was going back to.”

6. The One Who Cares Less – Kovie Biakolo

“When it’s all said and done, even people who are perfectly lonely and perfectly alone – still need their person. Whether it’s a romantic partner, a good friend, a loyal family member – everybody needs a person. And the truth is if you act like you don’t care enough, people will eventually start to believe you. So if you feel like you care too much or feel too much or love too much, remember that the alternative is worse. We should all try to seek balance because virtue is that middle ground between any two extremes. But when it comes to love, I don’t know if there is such a thing as loving too much or showing that you love too much. And if there is, I think it’s commendable; not something to be ashamed of. Because if you don’t tell people and show people that you do care, that you do have feelings for them, that you do love them, how the hell are they supposed to know?”

7. Sometimes An Ending Can Be A Blessing In Disguise – Rania Naim

“You find a lot more blessings in endings than you do in beginnings. Beginnings are exciting and sometimes you can overlook what you really want or how it could change your life because you’re in love with the thrill of it. You’re addicted to the idea that something new is happening in your life but the real blessings are in endings. When things end and you’re forced to look deeper into the whys and the hows. When things end and you’re confronted by a million questions that push you to find important answers.”

8. The Things We Leave Behind – Callie Byrnes

“But I get it now. Because sure, people leave behind memories and routines and objects, but there’s also an essence I cannot describe. It’s when you smell someone’s cologne and recognize it instantly; it’s when you hear a song and it hits you square in the chest. It’s when you’re sitting there, drunk, and you have the urge to text someone, “I miss you,” even if you can’t put your finger on why. It’s wondering how someone is doing when you don’t have the means to ask them and telling stories about people you haven’t spoken to in years and hoping, deep down, that maybe they’re thinking about you, too. Perhaps we’ll spend our whole lives sifting through all the things people leave behind.”


9. I’m Done Fighting For A Spot In People’s Lives – Anonymous


“I’m done being the friend that would move heaven and earth to be there for others, to make time, but only gets support when it’s convenient.

I’m done trying to be someone significant in people’s lives, trying to feel like I matter. I’m done trying to stay in their lives, initiating conversations, trying to stay in touch with people who I meant something to at one point but now no longer seem interested in keeping me.”

Of course! As a contributor in Thought Catalog I also have my personal favorite among my published pieces! And I choose this one because I guess, a lot of people can relate to this. And this piece was reached 21k views! imagine that!


10. Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You – Martin Manuel

“We both needed inspiration and motivation in our lives, and sadly we didn’t fall in any of the two. We’re just humans who’re still learning what to do with the mysteries and wonders of the world we live in.”