Blog Challenge: Too Many Life Updates

Hello, Everyone! So it’s me again. I’ll be updating you on my recent activities that I’ve been through this past few weeks and I would like you to know that this blog post is requested by Princess who is my friend, she nominated me to do this weekly blog entry challenge and because of that, I want to thank her for nominating me lol hahaha.

Lately, I’ve been very busy with life and work and despite with this busy schedule, we all have, I make sure that I get to make a blog entry within the week to just update you on my life but sometimes, I fail to do this. So, I thank Princess for nominating me, this challenge will help me to stop from being lazy and have a productive weekly activity.

So let’s start?



Working far from your hometown can make you sometimes feel alone and sad but luckily if you have friends who are also working here in Manila is a big relief to your agony. Homesick is hard to deal with. Sometimes, you find yourself crying in the middle of the night because you misses your mom’s voice or you miss that feeling of being home.


So, to keep yourself distracted with the fact that you are not to your home, you keep yourself busy and does a lot of things to just ignore this thing – ‘homesick’. Meeting with your colleagues is one of them and spending your weekends with your friends is a must! Luckily I have a lot of friends who are also from Zamboanga City that works here too. We always find time to meet to keep our life updated with everything plus we get the chance to use our own dialect when we talk haha. Drop the Tagalog and let’s start talking in Chavacano!



Last May 6, we had our summer company outing in Republic Wake park in Nuvali, Laguna and our theme for this year is Coachella.


I wasn’t really excited for this event (oh wait aside from the Iphone 6 and Iphone 7 raffles we had) due to our schedule. Since we are on a night shift, we didn’t have the chance to sleep after our work because the call time for this event is 6 AM and our shift will end 6 AM too. I didn’t put efforts in trying to be in a Coachella feels attire, I just bought black jeans and wore my printed shirts and that’s it.


I did enjoy by the way but I was so sleepy the whole time and the weather is so unbearable.


Currently, I’m on a training for this new account we have in our company. It’s a big challenge for me because this account requires you to speak directly to the marketing consultant while you’re making the changes to their ad and you do this live! we do screen sharing with the MC.

One of my biggest weakness is talking. I’m not good at communicating, I pronounce words differently. I get tongue tied must of the time. I remember when I was in my college days when our English 101 professor asked me to read the words written on the blackboard and I end up hating everyone because they end up laughing so hard at me because I couldn’t pronounce some of the words correctly. So from that moment, I already accepted the fact that I’m not good when it comes to talking or speaking. But here we go, I’m trying my best to communicate well to the marketing consultant hahaha. Translating your thoughts and ideas to English is hard when you needed to deliver it as soon as possible.

It’s very different for writing or blogging. Speaking or talking sometime requires quick respond and for someone like me who are not good enough with English, it’s a hard job. Unlike with blogging or writing, you have all the time to compose your thoughts and later on correct it.

Well, I’m still glad that I get to experience this things in my life.


So, that’s it! Thank you for reading and hope you have a wonderful day!