Get Together With My Blazer Family

Its funny how we grow up too fast and always find our self being so ‘shookt’ about it. Like “hala 2*0-something na pala ako? but still I’m feeling teenager parin”  haha because age is just a number and if you’re kalog or crazy you’re always kalog and crazy forever kahit ang tanda mo na haha.


Best example here is Jaja! haha

I’m so glad I got the chance to see them again after how many years? months? except for Jaja because we always see each other haha. but Joana? and Steph? jusko they are so busy people and bihira lang sila pwede. So when Steph, Initiated this get together, we said “Yes” agad because why not diba?

So I hope we often do this, because life has been so busier after college. Like kanya-kanyang sikap na to survive being adult. Kanya-kanyang responsibilities na sa life so bihira nalang talaga macomplete pag nagkikita kame. And I thank God for bringing me this people into my life because they are for keeps (weh?) haha. Like seriously, I never thought I could find people like this and be friends with them and I miss all the Blazer people talaga.

Well, anyway thank you again for coming guys! for adjusting for me haha kasi ayoko talaga magcommute and pumunta sa malayong place na hindi ko naman alam pano papunta haha. Thank you for the time and hope to see you again. okay? love you guys!