How I Edit My Instagram Photos Using Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Adobe lightroom for mobile has been very talked about app nowadays. Because a lot of celebrities, bloggers, and artist have been using it. I cannot blame the people for ranting about it, LR (Lightroom) is the BEST editing app I’ve used so far.

It can be hard for someone who doesn’t have a background in using Lightroom for desktop version because LR is very different with the usual editing app we use. It is not just one tap at your screen and then you get the desired filter you like. It’s more than that! It’s all about manually adjusting everything.

But learning the basic tool is the key to everything.

People would ask me what editing app I use to my Instagram photos and I usually reply them the name of the app without even explaining them everything. I always wanted to share how I made some of my filters but it will take a lot of time for me to explain it all.

But guess what now? I have the time and energy to share you this filter that I love the most!

I will try my very best to explain it clearly to everyone on how I come up with this type of filter using the LR mobile.

First you needed to download the app through your google playstore (I’m a android user) and apple store for iPhone users. Don’t be afraid this app is FREE!

What I’m going to teach you now is how I achieved this look (I don’t know what to name this one! Give it a name guys haha).

Of course, it depends on you if you want to crop your photos. But for me, I always want it to be IG friendly.

This filter that I’m going to share with you is ideal for morning shots, beach sceneries, people walking down the streets and more. It depends on you. But make sure the pictures you’ll going to apply this filter has more lights or taken when the sun is still up.

So lets start with the adjustments?

First thing! what I always do is to adjust the Exposure of the picture. It really depends on how you really want the picture to be bright or dark. For me, I really want my photos to be bright and sunny.

Always lower down the Hightlights of your images so that it will show you more details of your pictures.

Lower down the Blacks to 100 and Whites to -82. Doing that gives you a contrast free output.

Next step is to adjust the colors of your pictures. This tab is where the magic begins!

Adjust the temp to your desired amount. For this one I adjusted the Temp to 13 and Tint 16. (Tip: play with the slider. Adjust everything until you’ll get what you want)

Scroll down and you’ll see the Vibrance and Saturation sliders. Adjust those two to your desired amount.

Adjusting the Clarity will also gives you a sharp and more detailed output.

And there you go! Here’s the output

And also once you already made your own filter on LR… you can now copy and paste the same filter to your next pictures!

Of course the adjustments and settings we made earlier won’t be always ideal for your other pictures. Always make a tweaks to those adjustments and don’t be afraid to move those sliders… It won’t hurt you.

Below are some of the photos that I uploaded on my Instagram account using this filter

And thats it! I hope you learn something because I wasn’t really good at explaining and expressing my thoughts but I really tried para sa ekonomiya ng bansa! Hahaha.

Do you have any questions? Suggestions? comment down below and also please tag me your pictures if you tried using this filter!! I’ll wait 💕

Thank you! And happy weekend 😊