Lauv In Manila!


As I listen to Ari aka Lauv sings, I cannot stop having goosebumps all around my body. I cannot believe that I’m finally seeing him performing live. LIKE WHAT?! I never imagine myself to see him in person.


Can we appreciate the fashion style Ari got there? I mean I super love his shoes and the way he dress. Man! how can you look so expensive and cool with just a white shirt and black pants? I tried that but It didn’t look good at me. I look like a sales boy hahaha.

The blue boy is so happy and I hope to see him next year if the universe permits haha because Wanderland is so expensive and with someone like me who’s hmmmm you know already – I cannot afford that but lets be positive! okay?

Thank you for coming to the Philippines, Ari! we love you!

Little hearts for you, boy!