The Sun Is Up And It’s Time To Let Go

There are people will love you with reservations. They don’t want your sadness nor your sorrows. They will love you because you are funny and calm but they wouldn’t love you when you’re stormy and sad.

Like you… you came into my life and my mistake was, I welcomed you with so much grace because I wanted you. I waited for you and I’ve been watching you for so long already. My heart beams every time you are with me.

What was my dream? I whispered to myself.

My dream was to have you. To hold you for real. And to have your time. My God, do I really deserve you? I watched the night sky as it continues to wrap the world… there were stars scattered around in front of my face and I wonder why you gloriously shine among the rest? what is in you that I love the most?

I guess it’s the thought that I cannot have you… wholly and fully. I have grown to love the people who I cannot have.

I kept all the memories and every words that you have uttered to me as you continuously to be uncommon in my eyes. Because I know, you don’t belong in my own waywardness. Nobody really want to save me here and I understand. I love how you fervent for being this kind of candor person to everyone.

People say that I’m lucky enough “that’s not true” I said while I listen to my own over caffeinated heartbeat. They would ask me why. “Because you can be anywhere and everywhere but not here with me” I said. They wouldn’t believe in me so I just smiled.

There are people we chase – people we cannot connect. People we love to have into our lives. But sadly they don’t give the same interest like you do.

As I watch the city finally closing their own lights, welcoming the day with hopes… I whisper to the moon… “It’s time to let go now” and the moon slowly disappeared as the sun goes up.

And just like that, I knew you wouldn’t hold on.
You wouldn’t stay.