Things That I Will Never Forget About 2017

2017 is about to end and most of us are all excited to welcome 2018 with full of hope and ambitions. Hoping that 2018 will be a good year to all of us. As we take another year to continue living, we continue to believe that our dreams will someday become true.

For me, 2017 has been good but at the same time very sad. This year, I lost my grandmother and It has been very difficult for all of us. A drastic change happened after that and we are all now trying to move on with our lives. Somehow we manage to accept everything. My grandmother is already in a good place and I know she’s happy now.

There are a lot of things to be remembered this year, that’s why I made a list of things that happened to me this year…

First Cinemalaya Experience

I always love small Independent Films back then when I was still in my college days, And It was always a dream of mine to experience watching some of the films in CCP. That’s why when my workmates invited me to watch, I said ‘yes‘ right away.

We watched ‘Respeto’ and it was sooo good! ’twas my first time to experience to see yung magstastanding ovation yung mga tao after the movie hahaha. The film really deserve that one! And I hope hindi yun yung last Cinemalaya experience ko.

Looking forward for 2018 Cinemalaya ????

The Pink Sand – Santa Cruz Island

It was my first time to go there and It was so beautiful and what makes it even more beautiful is that I’m with my college friends and high school friends. PLUS!!! Jellix and Matt 🙂

Read more here!


Sea Of Clouds Experience

I believe I’m a person who loves to try new things and I always love to conquer my fear. Because you will never know until you try it. I live my life by trying to do the things that are foreign to me.

And that’s why, last July we headed to Tanay, Rizal to experience the most beautiful ‘Sea Of Clouds’ at the top of Mt.Daraitan. I’m with my friends/officemates.

There are no words to describe how it feels to see the sea of clouds with your own naked eyes. Read more about my trip here!

Lola’s 90th Birthday

July 11, 2017 I flew back to Zamboanga City to celebrate my Grandmother’s 90th Birthday. We decided to give our Lola a mini celebration for her birthday. We invited all our family for this celebration.

I did my best effort to go home on her birthday because my Lola is not feeling well those time and the only thing that I keep on hearing them when I try to ask them how she is… “Mahina na tlga si Lola” 

And sadly they were right… after 2 weeks she was gone.

I made a blog entry on my tumblr account about this. You can read it here!

Cebu Trip

If there is one thing or one chapter in a book that I need to highlight… it could be this!

I wasn’t really expecting this to happen. One thing is… I never imagine myself going to Cebu like whaaaaat? never in my dreams that I would see myself traveling with my workmates/friends and going to some of the famous tourist spot of the Queen City of the South. What a dream!

I will be forever grateful with this one! and with that… I’m looking forward for more travels this year haha! PAYAMAN! I did 2 blog post about our trip and if you are interested with it just like this and this! 🙂

Colleagues Leaving


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One thing that I’ve learned while working is that you should never assume that everyone will stay with you forever. Yes, working is fun if your office-mates is also your friends. I mean, life is easier and your work is much more easier when you have friends in your office or in your work.

I was really sad when most of my colleagues started leaving. And what makes it worst is that every single month/year there is someone who leaves. Like how should I react with this things happening to me? Last time we were so happy spending our 1 hour break at the back of our building and suddenly they were gone…

and you end up spending your 1 hour break alone.

Main ✌

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I don’t know if everyone is like me, because when I make friends I already consider them as my family or my world. Like they are now part of my life. and it hurts to wake up one morning knowing that one of your family is gone.

But you cannot control someone’s life. Someone’s choices in life and someone’s destiny. What you can do is treasure the memories you had together and be thankful because they came into your life.

You should always be positive and always move forward. Move forward but do not forget your past.


There are a lot of things happened to me this year that I will never forget. And I find it hard to go back and browse all of this events and try to put it into words again haha. Basta I will not forget the Coachella Summer Outing, Get together with my Blazer family, Seeing Justine again, going to Venice with my cousins and pamangkins, and many more.


Self Reflection

2017 is about to end and I tried to feel everything and ponder all of the things happened to me this year and all I have in my heart is gratefulness and forgiveness.

I’m so grateful to have a family who loves me endlessly. Who still supports me even if I’m far away and knowing that they are so proud of me. I miss them terribly. And If I was given the chance to spend more time with them… I would and will always choose them before everyone else. I miss how simple we are back then. I miss those Christmas, New Years Eve and many more together. I hope I could turn back the time again and spend those days with you all.

I’m so grateful also to my friends here in Manila for being my family. You know that I’m alone here and I miss my family so bad but you made it easier for me to survive the homesickness each day. Thank you for allowing me to grow as a person and giving me knowledge about everything and for showing me the love and care that I need the most.


So that’s it. Thank you for spending your time reading this one haha. This might not be a perfect blog post but I hope you like it. Hahaha

Thank you! Happy New Year everyone! ♥️