This Blog Just Turns 1!

Today marks the 1st anniversay of this blog! Imagine 1 year na pala to? It only means one thing… I needed to renew my domain now or else mawawala tong blog na to hahahaha.

Wala kasing ganito sa Tumblr e. Walang renew2x ng domain name. Pero I’m so glad that I decided to transfer my blog here. Sometimes kasi we needed to say good bye to something that has been very good to us in order for us to grow up and learn new things.

Life is always about moving forward even if it hurts you. No one wants to be left stagnant to one place forever because eventually the longer you stay there the uglier it gets.

We should always welcome changes and we should learn also how to let go of something wonderful to let other comes in to our lives.

To tell you the truth, Tumblr has been my safe place or sanctuary for decades but the longer I stayed there… The more it become something I no longer love.

And that’s why, I’m here… Building new possibilities. New home. New place to rant and share.

I hope this might not be my last renewal. I would love to see this blog grow into something wonderful. And I thank God for all the blessings! 💕

Happy Anniversary,!

More blog entries to us! Do you have any ideas on what blog post should I post here? Comment down below! 😊

2 Replies to “This Blog Just Turns 1!”

  1. Aline de la Torre says:

    Iba ka bes di ka na mapapantayan

    1. martinmanuel says:

      Ayyy grabe ka bes! Ako parin to hahaha 😂

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