Experiencing The Sea Of Clouds At The Peak Of Mt. Daraitan


We’re so lucky we get to experience the ‘Sea of Clouds’ last July 11, 2017, at the peak of Mt. Daraitan in Tanay Rizal. It was just so wonderful and fulfilling to your end. Just watching the clouds slowly moving at the top of the mountains is just so rewarding.


It was so wonderful to see this breathtaking view of the sea of clouds behind me. I was really tired already by that time and this view really took off the body pain, the itchiness feeling that I have to the endure while climbing because my feet are full of mud, and the thirst.


A really mesmerizing picturesque view indeed! 


We had enough time to take pictures because we are the first batch to climb the mountain for that day. We started our trail around 4 in morning and then by 7 AM we are already at the summit of Mt. Daraitan.


I’m just so amazed by the tour guide here, I mean they are very skillful when it comes to taking good angle pictures. Look what our tour guide does here hahaha.


So after taking enough time picturing at the peak of Mt. Daraitan we already took our trail going down to Tinipak River.

Tinipak River is known for its wonderful rock formation. We had our lunch there and rested ourselves for an hours and we headed to our next destination – the cave!


So inside that cave, they have a little swimming pool where you can enjoy a super cold running water! haha

And after a few minutes, we have to go back to our site to start cleaning ourselves and prepared for our departure. DEPARTURE?? what? hahahaha.

Well, anyway I have to thank Sylvia for letting me borrow her traveling bag because this kiddo here doesn’t have his own. So thank you Byang! Also, Thank you Sir Arvin for always letting me borrow your sandals to me hahaha and also Juju for convincing me to go with you. Last but not the least, TravelPrince for allowing me to travel now, pay later haha! thank you so much!

Photo Credits to TravelPrince.