Trip To The Queen City Of The South – Cebu

I always wanted to go to places that I’ve never been. It excites me and it makes you understand and appreciate the beauty of each places you’ve been. And aside from the beauty, you get to know also some insights and historical stories of each places.

I have been blessed during my college days because I’ve got the chance to go to Davao for 3 times and I remember how I feel so excited everytime we go there to process our yearbook. I never knew about Davao… How does it look or how does the city looks like and I’m so amazed by how organized and well-mannered the people out there.

And so this time, I got the chance to see the beauty of the queen city of the south… C.E.B.U!!!

Last Nov 23, Thursday we woke up early in the morning to meet in Starmall Alabang and we ride the Airport Loop bus going to NAIA terminal 3. And upon arriving to terminal 3 the first bad news happened. OUR FLIGHT WAS DELAYED AND WAS MOVED TO 1PM FLIGHT! Imagine how devastated we are? From 9am to 1pm? No waayyy!

So we needed to accept it. May choice ba kame? Hahaha. Because of that we needed to move also our itinerary. We only have 3 days and 4 nights in Cebu and we don’t have enough time. Limited time only because we needed to report na sa work on Monday.

Well anyway, we arrived in Cebu around 2pm already and the first thing we did is we headed straight to the 10,000 Roses! I’m sorry I forgot the name of the place haha.

Entrance fee is 20php and timing lang yung dating namin cause late na ng hapon and wala masyadong tao maybe because it’s weekdays.

So aside from the white roses, they have a small cafe there and you must try their Chocolate shake because it is so delicious (hindi ako bumili, nakitim lng ako kay ate Dan haha) promise!!

To everyone, don’t expect too much, the pictures you see on the internet can be deceiving hahaha. I really thought kasi the white roses are made with glasses or something na hindi yung common na plastic flowers we see sa mga department stores. The roses itself is made of cloth pala and they look dirty already. Arte mo Martin! Well, honest review lang naman.

After the 10,000 Roses, we headed to Lantaw Floating Restaurant. Walking distance lang ng white roses. Actually sa labas lang siya ng entrance ng 10,000 Roses.

If you go to Cebu, I must say to never missed this place. Because my goodness, you will love the view! The place is so nice and comfy, good food and good ambience. Would love to spend my whole night there but we needed to go back to the city for our next destination which is the Bantayan Island.

Bantayan Island is well known for Camp Sawi and nasawi nga kame because we didn’t found the Camp Sawi signage hahaha. Ang tanga lang namin basta mahabang kwento haha.

How to get there? From City you will ride a bus to Bantayan and the fare is 200+ for the bus and another 200+ for the ferry ride and for the eco tourism fee. So mga 400+ going to bantayan. Wooo mahal besh!

You have a lot of things you can do there, you can rent a bike for 150php only 24hrs na sya or else if you don’t know how to ride a bike you can also rent a scooter/motor for only 300php, 24hrs din sya. Natuwa ako sa pagbibike because ang sarap sa feeling magbike ulet.

The beach? Oh if you have been sa Masasa Beach… Parang ganon lang din sya but maganda naman. Hindi nga lang ako na enjoy masyado sa beach dito. Maybe because we are all tired by that time naligo kame.

After Bantayan Island, we headed back to the City and another bad news arrived. WE ARE CANCELLING OUR KAWASAN TRIP BECAUSE WE ARRIVED LATE ALREADY SA CITY PROPER. Imagine the 4 hours trip naging almost 5 hours because weekend na and Cebu is like Manila already… Grabe ang traffic. And due to that we are all discourage and devastated by the fact that we are not going to Kawasan Falls. Yun pa naman yung pinuntahan namin hays *insert heart broken emoji here*

So the group decided to go to Temple Of Leah instead.

Buti nalang we found Manong Tata, our UBER driver who’s willing to give us a City tour for 300php per head. So aarte pa ba kame? Kesa magcocommute kame every destination na pupuntahan namin? Diba hnd na? Tsaka one thing that I like about Manong Tata is that he’s so funny and he gives you some insights sa mga bagong pasyalan sa Cebu and all.

Thank you Manong Tata!

So I’ll end this blog post here and I will continue tomorrow with another blog entry because I have to sleep now because maaga pa bukas haha. Thank you for reading! Hope you have a good sleep tonight.

Blog entry tomorrow is about, Sirao, West 35, Tops, Magellan’s Cross and many more! See you tom.